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MVC w/ Rescue @ Rt. 50/Naylor Mill Rd

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
On Tuesday, May 1, 2018 @ 0752 Wicomico Central alerted Station 5 for a reported MVC w/ Rescue, involving an overturned tract trail in the intersection of Ocean Gateway and Naylor Mill Rd. E-507 responded with 515 (Beach) and 4. Due to Ladder-5 (Rescue Equipped) being out of service, 515 requested Rescue-16 to assist. Once E-507 arrived, they found a tractor trailer overturned partially onto a pick-up truck. The Driver of the tractor trail was trapped inside the cab and 515 established the command. Crews from E-507 and Rescue-16 made quick work securing the cab and removed the windshield and sterring wheel to extricate the patient. Wicomico Emergency Management was requested due to sewage product leaking from the tanker. PM-B-5 transported 1 priority 2 pt and A-5 transported 1 priority 3 pt to PRMC. This incident was placed under control @ 0815 and terminated @ 1008 Units on scene: E-507, Rescue-16, PM-B-5, A-5, Traffic Control-5, EMS-9, EM, MSP and SHA

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