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Hebron Assist's Delmar on a Working House Fire
Monday, March 13, 2017

On Monday, March 13, 2017 @ 1931 Wicomico Central alerted Station's 74(Delmar), 2(Salisbury) and 5 (Hebron) for a reported Structure Fire @ 305 Highland Ave. Delmar, MD. Deputy 74 (Morris, J) arrived on the scene, advised a working house fire and established the Command.

Engine-507 arrived on the scene and was advised by Command to pull an additional 1 3/4 line off E-74-3 and assist with the interior attack on the C-side. Ladder-5 arrived and positioned on the A/D corner and laddered the roof for vebtilation. Engine Tanker-5 arrived and supplied Engine-507 and E-74-3. 

Command was placed under control @ 2104 and Hebron units were returned @ 2225.

Click link below for video of the incident (Courtesy of Delmar VFD)


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