Hebron Fire department

The Hebron Fireman's Carnival started in 1926. The carnival has continued to grow with the fire department and all proceeds are used to improve fire fighting activities and community projects.

The carnival is at the site of the Camp Grounds where for decades hundreds of people attended revival services each summer, some living there during the 2 week events. In 1936, the fire department purchased the Hebron Camp Grounds.

The annual carnival is famous for its tasty "oyster sandwiches" and a wide variety of refreshments including cotton candy, funnel cakes, numerous sandwiches, drinks and so much more. The carnival offers a full night of entertainment of games and rides for the whole family.

Vintage kiddy cars have been the focus of fun for generations of youngsters along with the merry-go-round, ferris wheel, scrambler, and bumper cars to name a few. We also have a wide variety of games for both the young and old. Bingo is a long-standing tradition at the carnival where many people pack into the bench seats to play the game. Our lively and entertaining Bingo callers help keep the crowd coming back for more. Numerous raffles will be given away on the last night of the carnival.


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