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Boat Accident on the Wicomico River

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

On Friday July 18, 2014 @ 2212 hours Wicomico Central alerted Station 5 for a reported Marine accident with injuries. Responding units were advised that the boat was on land and there was possibly 1 patient with a shoulder injury. Car-5 arrived on location and 515 (Beach) established command. Command requested Marine 15 from Station 15 (Allen). Upon further investigation it was determined there was a total of 4 occupants onboard at time of the accident and only 1 injury. Marine 15 was canceled prior to launch and command was placed under control. PM B-5 transported 1 priority 3 to PRMC. All units cleared the scene @ 2257 hours.

Units on scene: Car-5, Ladder-5, PM B-5,PM  A-5, T/C-5 and Marine 15 (canceled)

*Note- all pictures were taken the following morning.

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