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Hebron Fireman's Carnival Volunteer Announcement

Friday, May 31, 2024

Hebron Fireman’s Carnival

Volunteer Announcement



Dear Community Members,


As a cornerstone of our community, the Hebron Volunteer Fire Department is looking for dedicated volunteers for the upcoming 2024 Hebron Fireman’s Carnival.  This year we are excited to announce our upcoming Carnival dates of June 12th through July 13th at the Hebron Fire Department Carnival Grounds located at 200 S. Main St.  The Carnival is open on Wednesday through Saturday evenings from 7pm to roughly 10pm each night (Carnival will be closed on July 3rd and 4th).  This event is not only a major fundraiser for our department but also a fantastic opportunity to bring together our community for a time of fun and celebration. 


To make this event a success, we need your help!  We are seeking enthusiastic volunteers to assist with various activities during the Carnival.  Whether you have a day or several days to commit to, your participation will be invaluable.  Here are some of the ways you can help:


  • Ride Operator/Assistant – Help ensure the safety of our attendees and provide directions while operating a specific kiddie ride or being an assistant at any of our carnival rides.  (Must be 16 to operate a kiddie ride, anyone under 16 can only be an assistant at the ride)
  • Booth Assistant: Support our food booths or raffle booths.


Volunteering at the Hebron Fireman’s Carnival is a fantastic way to meet new people, support your local Fire Department, and make a positive impact in our community.  No prior experience is necessary as we will provide all the training and support you need.


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us through our messaging system on Facebook or send us a message through our Internet site.  We will also be having a general discussion/training night on June 8th at 7pm for anyone interested.  We welcome individuals, families, and groups.  Every bit of help counts, and we appreciate your consideration and willingness to support our cause.  If you are unable to make the discussion/training night, we will be able to give you directions on any night you are able to attend the carnival as a volunteer. 


Thank you for our continued support of the Hebron Fireman’s Carnival.  Together we can make this year’s carnival the best one yet. 




Andrew LeCates, Asst. Chief

Doug Williams, Chief Engineer



***General discussion/training night on June 8th at 7pm.  Please report to back Hall Entrance to Firehouse***